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This website has been developed to share all the latest excitement and accomplishments Lou has made as an inventor and entrepreneur. Learn about the latest updates, TV projects and inventions of Lou and the Viatek team. Inventors are also welcome to submit an idea to a proven inventor, spokesperson and entrepreneur. Make sure you follow Lou on Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in.

The Idea


Lou is a family man with three sons and a wonderful wife Kelli. Many of his inventions and products he has introduced to the market come from around the house solutions that he learns at home. "I love to develop or find products that just make sense. Watching a product grow from an ideal…to a reality… to merchandising on a retail shelf… then ultimately in the hands of a happy consumer, is the biggest success any inventor can ever reach. I love to share my knowledge and open my doors to inventors around the world to bring me their product ideas. We can work together to develop great products that customers love."     says,  Lou Lentine



TV Personality


Lou has been appearing on Television since 1996 on various shopping channels including Home Shopping Channel USA, The Shopping Channel Canada, QVC USA, QVC UK, QVC GERMANY, Shop TV Japan and many others around the world. Lou is currently a regular guest on Home Shopping Channel in the USA presenting his many inventions to the HSN customer. Lou has also appeared in numerous commercials for products he has developed or co-developed which have aired throughout the world. His informative personality with an inventor knowledge has educated and entertained Television buyers for years.



Strong Infrastructure


"Our group specializes in being industry leaders in the development of innovative products, for both private branding and OEM customers. We also utilize our strong infrastructure for competitive product sourcing." says, Lou Lentine. "I enjoy developing products that make a customer's life easier while solving problems".





Lou Lentine and affiliate companies have been developing products since 1992. The group maintains offices in the USA, Hong Kong / Shenzhen China, Mexico and the UK. All of Lou Lentine and Viatek products are available online at viatekproducts.com and at select retailers worldwide.





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